Ana Cristina

Tarot readings, connecting with the radionic table

Ana was 15 years old when she started to pay attention to all the comments people would say about her. That she was too mature for her age. Ana could not understand how it was possible to say things about people’s lives that no one knew. Intrigued, she started to pay more attention, and at 16 years old she found out she could see, hear and feel spirits. She decided to learn more about this subject, but living in a Catholic country, this topic was a taboo, making her quest more difficult. Since 2008, secretly, Ana started to look for more knowledge. She became a Reiki Master and a Quantum Radionic Healer. It was in England that she could talk openly about it and she found a fabulous mentor to help her to gain confidence to pass all the messages she was continually receiving.

To support her natural mediumship, Ana decided to incorporate Angel, Oracle and Tarot readings to her quantum radionic healing. She also became a qualified Counsellor, Coach and Mentor which she cannot stop applying it in readings. She does readings across Kent and to her clients in other countries, such as Portugal, Spain, Belgium, France, Brazil, United States and Australia. Ana’s purpose is to help people to hear from their loved ones and also for them to understand better how to deal with their life issues. This work is being tremendously inspirational and enlightening to herself and others. Helping people to heal and be reassured that there are supported by the Universe is being her purpose.

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