Ania’s Angels

Glass Magic Tiffany Style Glass Angels

Being raised Catholic, as a child I spent many hours in different churches all over the place. Most of the time being really bored, the only interesting thing there for me was the beautiful stained glass windows and magical rays of light projected by them on a sunny day. I decided one day I will make this kind of windows myself. I absolutely love it. I am studying there last 10 years. I started with the windows, did a lot of different small projects but then one day while playing around with some bits of glass they arranged themselves as Angels. So I started making more of them, it become my passion and my therapy. It’s a fantastic way to relax while creating something beautiful.

Angels are symbol of all the good things: Love, Protection, Care, Peace. People started to write to me about how pleased they are with them, how some believe they helped them in their lives. Small ones are good as a pendant, in your car, or on a Christmas Tree or whenever you want them! They are unique, being hand-made, and there are no two alike, which makes them even more special. They are now all over the World with even Her Majesty the Queen, having one which she graciously sent a letter to say thank you for it. So whoever has My Angels, they are in good company.

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