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Soul Plan Taster Sessions

Hi, my name is Maria and I have had the pleasure of working with spirit for several years. In the past I have given many readings, one of my favourite being my unique crystal readings. However, after having a Soul Plan Reading a few years ago and finding just how much it resonated with me, on such a deep leve,l I decided to embark on the training and becoming a practitioner myself.Though I continue to work alongside those in the spirit realm, especially my guide, the Soul Plan reading is entirely based on the sound vibration of your birth name. It holds the key to your true authentic self!

Derived from ancient Hebrew gematria, I take the letters of your name and change them into the Hebrew alphabet, which have number frequencies attached to them. These numbers are placed round your ‘Star of Creation’ and condensed down until the final number vibrational frequency remains. We use these number energies to get an insight into both your worldly and spiritual aspects of life. We investigate challenges/lessons, talents, goals and this leads us onto your Soul Destiny. These readings are great at giving you direction, confirmation, enlightenment, empowerment and a greater understanding of yourself.


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