Authentic Smile - Journal Journey

Sue Allsworth is an enthusiastic holistic health practitioner and spiritual life coach. She gained her qualifications over a number of years including; reflexology, massage, card reading, chakra dancing and becoming a Heal Your Life Coach, but she also has over 40 years of personal experience covering, depression, suicide, Pre-menstrual Dysphoric Disorder and abuse.

The reason behind her business name Authentic Smile came from her own faking her smile during her 20’s. Sue went on a journey of life and lived abroad in Peru for some years still searching for that “happiness” within. Six years later Sue finally decided it was time to come back home and she is now back in the UK ready to share her enthusiasm, humour and journey with you. Forever a student of life and along her own self-development journey, Sue has created a series of interactive workbooks. The books may have Sue’s name on them but the journey inside each book is uniquely yours.


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