Divine Messenger - Debbie Pike

Angel/Tarot card readings 

My name is Debbie Pike and I bring messages from the Divine/Angelic realm. My gifts started when I was just 14 years old and I saw Jesus on the cross. I am able to use many gifts and see the past, present and future. I do get messages from people that have past over and have touched many people's lives. I have had visions, seen angels and have had a near death experience. I quite like sceptics and am pleased to say most sceptics after having a reading with me walk away questioning their previous perceptions. If you are looking for direction, divine purpose, relationship or to hear from a loved one I am certain I can offer you confirmation that will leave you stunned but completely at peace and reassured. There is no bad news all is love and light. The reading is for 20 minutes and this comes recorded for £30.


Website: divinemessenger.co.uk
Facebook: divinemessengerstarlight