Helen Bartlett

Tree of Life Reader

Hi I’m Helen, a Medium, Psychic Artist, Aurora Reader, Healer and Teacher in Reiki and with Magnet, Sound, Colour and Crystals (MSCC), also I am an EFT Therapist (Emotional Freedom Technique) I have worked and studied for many years with the SNU, CCHA and the Reiki Guild. My “Psychic Art” is the alchemy of colour which develops into a “Tree of Life” reading, where I am guided by the Spirit World. (Mediumship). 

Your “Tree of Life” painting is intended to give you Guidance and Upliftment for your Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Well-being throughout your “Journey in Life”. Please feel free to record and/or to write down notes of your reading. (Paper and Pens are provided) Your unique mounted picture is yours to take home.

I love and thoroughly enjoy giving “Tree of Life” readings and feel very blessed and privileged. For more information visit my website. 


Website: soul2heal.com
Facebook: Soul2Heal