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Sarah is a trained nurse and has over twenty years working within the NHS.  She has two degrees and has held various positions within the NHS, including work with vulnerable groups within society.  

Sarah Massiah is the founder of the new healing modality The Golden Keys from Melchizedek. She is a published author. Her book The Cosmos, Ascension and the golden keys from Melchizedek is available from global retailers, including Amazon, Waterstones and Barns and Noble.

This healing art sarah reports, occurs on a multidimensional level. Sarah reports this healing works through the use of keys that unlock doorways to healing. This modality works directly with Source energy. There are many keys that unlock such doorways that clear up the past. The keys are being offered back to this planet now at this time of ‘ascension ‘.

The keys are held within the Akashic realm. They hold the original blueprint of a species, and are offered, so those in receipt may unlock their true potential free from constraints of the past.

There are many keys that offer healing, and specific keys that clear up issues fast. Such issues as anxiety, depression, resentments, fears and phobias. All of which hold an energetic patterning that stops a person experiencing deep joy during an incarnation experience.

Clients need to be ready to release past influences and actions and stories that hold them back from fulfilling their hearts desires and blocks their souls progress and gifts. This healing is suitable for anyone regardless of where they are on their healing journey, and is particularly suitable for those with an understanding of deep healing work.

The Keys unlock blessings of light, love and clarity and enable clients to make lasting changes in their lives.

Sarah reports she will be offering taster readings and healing sessions on the day and also selling her book.  She looks forward to seeing you all on the day and answering any questions you may have.


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