Sue and Bobs Salt Lamps

Our lamps are totally natural and have been taken from the earth where they have been for over 250 million years minimum. We import directly from our mine in Pakistan, a family owned mine with over 220 years of ancestry. We visit the mine on a regular basis to ensure the mine is operating to high standards and that the employees are treated well and looked after. Our partnership with the mineowners ensures that ethical practices are maintained to a high level essential to both us and our customers.

Our range of lamps help with COPD, ADHD, asthma, stress and anxiety and depression. We have a range of beautiful salt lamps each being unique in size and shape we also have
many new products coming out all the time. We have bath salts to bathe in which are excellent for psoriasis eczema and dry skin as well as relaxation. Come along see our stunning range and speak to us about our lamps.


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