Synergistic Energy Therapy: Holistic Hands-On Energy Therapy

Chakra Readings, Chakra Balancing & Clearing, Chakra Alignment, Usui Reiki, Full Body S.E.T Treatments

Synergistic Energy Therapy is a Hands on Energy Healing modality born out my intuition and life experiences. Our emotions and thoughts are always accompanied by bio-chemical reactions in our bodies. This means that each and every one of our thoughts and emotions play a pivotal role in our state of health.

With me, you can explore the state of each of your Chakras and learn about how this energy is manifesting itself in your day to day lives. A Chakra Reading and Balance is a mix between energy therapy, and a psychic reading. Very popular. You can also book in with me for a full body Usui Reiki Session. Very relaxing and invigorating and comes highly recommended. Finally, you may wish to experience a Full S.E.T Session which will see your Aura cleansed coupled with your Chakras being aligned and cleared. Its by far my most popular session, which you can read more about either via my Facebook page or website. Thanks for reading, and do book early to avoid disappointment. Blessings, Daniel.


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