The Balance Procedure

I have been a holistic practitioner since 2004, offering a variety of treatments including Reflexology, Crystal Healing, as well as being a Usui Reiki Ryoho/Holy Fire Reiki level 4 teacher/master and I became one of the first trainers in The Balance Procedure (TBP) in the world during 2012, I am based in Norfolk.

The Balance Procedure has been in development over the last 10 years and has taken the world by storm, reaching 26 countries so far.  Everything in our lives, is based on energy vibrations, our thoughts and emotions radiate out before us, creating our reality. I am passionate about sharing just how simple it really can be to change our lives for the better. Putting people back into their own personal power, from where they can create to their own highest potential!

Using this simply and yet very powerful tool has taken me to many different venues, from home birthing, to schools, track days, as a guest lecturer at Buxton & Derby Spa University, and even abroad to Spain & this year Sweden.  

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