Toni Papageorigou

Card, Mediumship & Clairvoyant readings

I work with all the spiritual senses and have been working for many years either on the platform, giving one-to-one readings, group readings; I am also a Reiki Master and intuitive healer.  As a psychic, spiritual medium and clairvoyant I value integrity and honesty and I take care of my personal wellbeing so that I am able to give you complete and effective readings every time.  I strive to use my abilities wisely and for the greater good of all. I practice my abilities at all times with ethical and moral values. I never use my abilities for ego, or personal power. I will always strive to receive and deliver all information in truth and integrity and always use the power of positive intention and positive thought.  I have made a vow to use my ability on a love vibration for the service of all.

I do not claim to make promises or tell the future as any advice or information which comes from the other realms for me to pass on to you, in your life here on earth, YOU have the freedom of choice to take it or not.  Spirit will never take away your free-will to do anything and it will always be down to your own choice what decisions you take.

Alongside working with the spirit vibration I also work with various Oracle Cards and Runes which are very gentle ways to work.

With love, light and blessing.